What Is Tiered Link Building: A Brief Guide

What if anyone can tell you that you can increase the strength of your backlinks 5 to 6 times?

Yes you can do that  by strategically linking one set of backlinks to another, and unlocking a new SEO power.Imagine each linking boosting the power of next  and create an unstoppable flow of authority and relevance.

That’s the power of tiered link building.

In SEO link building is a crucial thing for boosting your website authority.So marketers try every technique to increase their website authority. Some are very powerful, while most are just a mess.And one of those effective techniques, Tiered link building is the top one strategy that takes your SEO to the next level.

 In this article, we’ll briefly explain what is tiered link building, importance and how it works.

What is tiered link building?

Before jumping to the tired link-building and how to create tires, let’s first learn the basics.Tiered link building strategy involves creating the high quality links in multiple layers, each tie serves as a distinct purpose of boosting the website authority and improving search engine ranking. Tiered link building is an SEO tactic that earns link juice and supports backlink profiles.

Tired Link Building Explained

Tiered link building is an effective technique for creating backlinks when the focus is on quality backlinks.The idea is to pass the link juice from lower tiers to the top tiers. When done right it can boost your website visibility and improve its ranking in search engines. When a lot of websites are pointing towards your site Google thinks that you are cool, which is always  a plus point.

What are tier 1 links?

Tier 1 links are the foundation.Tier 1 links should be created on the high authority and niche relevant websites because these are the links that are directly pointing to your website.These links can be obtained from guest posting on niche relevant websites.

For example you are planning a tired link building strategy for your website that is categorised as a digital marketing company.

Now you need to first analyse the tires you are planning to build and if we are talking about tier 1 links then they should come from a high quality website. Let’s assume we are creating a tired link building plan for a website Webylinks.

The tire 1 will be:

What are tier 2 links?

Tier 2 links are considered as the secondary layer of backlinks that supports your tier 1 links. These links can be obtained from business listing,social bookmarking and from niche relevant communities or forums.Tier 2 links will be of medium quality, so create on reputable sites.

For example: Let’s continue with the above example the tier 2 will be:

What are Tier 3 links?

Tier 3 links are considered as the tertiary layer of backlinks that indirectly supports your tier 2 links. These links can be obtained from web 2.0 posting, profile creations and from blog comments.

For example: Continue with the above example Tier 3 will  be:

Benefits of tiered link building

  • Helps to establish a strong backlink profile that boosts the authority of your website in the eye of search engines.
  • When a number of quality backlinks pointing toward your site it will definitely improve your site’s ranking.
  • Building links from related and authoritative sources can attract targeted traffic to your website, increasing the probability of conversions and engagement.

Risks of tiered link Building

  • If done incorrectly or excessively, this strategy can violate the search engine guidelines and lead to penalities, resulting in drop of ranking.
  • Managing tiered links needs a lot of sources, time and effort.
  • Retaining the quality and relevance of tiered backlinks can be difficult, especially when subcontracting link building tasks, increasing the risk of acquiring low-quality or spammy links.

Final thoughts

Tiered link building is an effective strategy for creating backlinks. It can increase your website traffic, improve your ranking in search engines. The idea is to pass link juice from lower tiers to the top. When done right, it can improve a website’s visibility on search engines. However, using low-quality links can hurt your site. Always select quality over quantity. Because when your only focus is to create a lot of links while ignoring the quality you can waste your time and energy, that will be a black hat practice.