Unveiling the Boundless Realm of Event Management


Event management is a quite popular and specialised area that is defined by many as the ability to create unforgettably amazing experiences. On completion of secondary school education students will find themselves at the cross road of career choice, and thus, attracted to the dynamic world of event management. From large-scale business dinners to solemn weddings and from national festivals to large-scale business forums, affairs have emerged as an essential component of today’s society. Besides this there are many online event management courses that have become popular for their flexibility and convenience especially to those who wish to establish a career and practice. In this blog we will discuss the events in the event management courses, the fee structure and the importance and the charm behind the event management. 


Event management involves planning and coordination of different forms of events such as business conferences and product launches, festivals, concerts, and sporting activities, among others. Event management is a method of organising people, thereby to celebrate, communicate or commemorate any event; professionally and artistically.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree Programs:
  • uncheckedThe degree program in Event Management is very popular across most of the universities and colleges in India and many universities provide the option for a Bachelor’s degree in the field. These usually take about three to four years and the syllabi include event management, promotion, finance, and organisational planning. 
  • uncheckedSome of the institutes that have earned reputation for their educational programs include National Academy of Event Management & Development NAEMD, Amity School of Event Management, and International Institute of Event Management (IEM). 
  • uncheckedStudents are to be provided with the option of internships, workshops, and collaboration related to industries to develop the practicality of their knowledge along with the theoretical aspects.

2. Certificate and Diploma Courses:

  • uncheckedFor those who may wish to have a shorter period of study and a more specialised course, diploma and certificate courses in event management are available. 
  • uncheckedThese courses tend to offer specialised academic instruction regarding certain sectors of event management, including wedding planning, business events or sport events, to mention but a few; all of which goes a long way in satisfying the various interests that exist within the sector. 
  • uncheckedSuch specialised courses are offered at Institutes like Event Management Development Institute (EMDI), National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), and Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) that prepares the students to focus on specialised fields that can target specific markets.


The event management course fees differ from each other on the basis of the type of the course that  is a degree, diploma or a certificate course. Let’s study them individually.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree Programs: 
  • uncheckedThe potential cost of the Bachelor’s degree programs in event management also depends on the place, school reputation, infrastructure, and extra options for certificates. 
  • uncheckedThe approximate cost of the annual tuition fees for these programs lies between INR 50000 and INR 200000. However, this is just an estimate and it is recommended that students should visit various institutions for more accurate information on fees. 
  • uncheckedFurther, students should budget for expenses like housing, course materials, personal expenses, and other incidental expenses while pursuing their studies. 

2. Diploma and Certificate Courses: 

  • uncheckedSince Diploma and certificate courses take a shorter time than Bachelor’s degree programs, it means that their overall costs are smaller. 
  • uncheckedMost of these courses cost between INR 20,000 to INR 1,00,000, depending on the course length, syllabus, and institute ranking. 
  • uncheckedFlexible payment options and instalment plans, scholarships and financial options are also available with many institutes to reduce the financial stress of the students and increase student accessibility.


  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Event management contains versatile competencies that prepare students to work in a various number of fields after graduating. Graduates may take up positions including the event planner, wedding coordinator, conference organiser, festival manager, marketing manager or venue manager, amongst others. 
  • Global Industry Demand: The events business worldwide is expanding, fueled by the need for event led advertising, marketing, and entertainment. With businesses and organisations from various fields beginning to actively consider events as powerful tools in reaching out and connecting with their target customers and stakeholders, there is a mounting need for competent event workers. 
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Event management courses make students ready to establish their event management businesses or consultancy service providers. Some of the successes originate from fair knowledge, creativity, and the business brain of an individual to come up with a niche market and package unique events that may suit the clients’ needs. 
  • Continuous Innovation: As a result of the dynamic mode of the events industry, the industry could not lack innovation and creativity. Event management courses are very strategic in their approach as they guide the students to prepare for the future and adopt trends, technologies, and sustainability approaches in advancement. 


The idea of venturing in the field of event management right after the completion of Class 12 is not a bad decision at all and carries a lot of potential for growth and innovation. Which is why it is possible to conclude that through enrolling in relevant reputable courses of their choice and career goals, students can equip themselves adequately to meet the challenges of this highly dynamic industry. The fees structure of event management courses vary across the country, however, getting ourselves enrolled in a good institution is an investment which will not only unlock a plethora of opportunities but will also chart the course of one’s career in the event industry.