Uncovering the Myths and Facts About Bariatric Surgery Costs


How often have you encountered this scenario? You come across fitness pics and workout reels of your favourite celebrities, sportspersons, influencers, models, and colleagues, and this triggers a desire inside your mind to get that body shape and popularity. 

If your answer is sometimes or very often. Let us tell you that it is typical human behaviour to dream of a toned, muscular, and athletic physique. And that’s why you will find gyms in your area and across cities occupied by people who aspire to shed/gain weight to achieve the desired physique. 

Guess what—most people join the gym, get an annual membership, work out for weeks or a few months, and then stop exercising when they don’t see instant results. 

Living in a city where obesity is increasing, and around 30% of the Ahmedabad population is overweight, it is challenging to attain significant weight loss with a workout, diet, supplements, tablets, and juices within a few months. 

If you are also concerned about not being able to achieve your desired weight loss in just a few months or even after trying weight loss options for a year or more, we have an ideal method for you.

Thinking what it is? Let us tell you that we are referring to bariatric weight loss surgery. It is a highly effective, safe, and suitable weight loss option for all obese individuals willing to attain significant weight loss in a shorter duration. 

You might think it is an expensive alternative and doesn’t provide long-term ROI. Let us tell you that this is a common perception across Ahmedabad and Gujarat, which we will debunk in this article. 

We will give you clarity on the common myths about bariatric surgery cost and share the correct facts to help you make informed health decisions. Let’s get started!

What Is Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Let us first throw light on understanding what bariatric surgery is. It is a medical procedure designed for obese individuals who wish to achieve significant weight loss. 

It involves tweaking the digestive system by reducing stomach size or modifying the small intestine to decrease food intake and limit calories and nutrient absorption. 

Remember, bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic procedure; it is a clinical intervention for individuals suffering from overweight and associated health concerns who haven’t attained the desired weight loss after trying alternatives like diet and exercise. 

Nonetheless, this surgery is ideal for people with a BMI of 30 and above with obesity-related health issues.

Why Bariatric Surgery Is A Cost-Effective Option?

Before demystifying myths and sharing facts, let us walk you through the compelling reasons to give a brief clarity on why bariatric surgery is a cost-effective option for treating obesity. 

It offers long-term savings on healthcare costs and improves the quality of life by relieving obesity-associated health conditions. 

Though the upfront costs of surgery might seem expensive, they are neutralized by getting relief from obesity-related health concerns, such as sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, and heart disease.

Additionally, bariatric surgery is linked to increasing life expectancy, improving the quality of life, lowering mortality risk, and better mental health by boosting self-esteem. 

Furthermore, it is a wiser health investment that pays impressive dividends by lowering current medical expenses, improving the quality of diet by consuming nutritious and healthy food, and contributing to sustainable weight loss.

Considering its long-term benefits and getting treated by the best bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad, Dr. Manish Khaitan will give you instant value for money. You will experience a positive change in your lifestyle and dietary preferences by living the life you have always desired.

6 Myths And Facts About Bariatric Surgery Cost

In the last section, we will debunk six myths associated with bariatric surgery costs and share the facts to give you firm clarity on making informed health decisions.

1st Myth: You’ll need to invest in expensive supplements and high-priced foods forever post-surgery.

Fact: Your dietician might include essential supplements, such as Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium, necessary for your optimal recovery. These supplements are intended to fulfil any nutritional deficiencies post-surgery and aren’t meant to be consumed for a lifetime. 

For instance, getting bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad from NObesity gives you free lifelong support and follow-up after surgery. Their dietician ensures you are consuming nutritious meals and getting needed nutrients to cover up any deficiencies.

2nd Myth: Bariatric surgery results are short-term, and the cost isn’t justified.

Fact: With proper post-operative care and healthy lifestyle changes, bariatric surgery benefits extend to lifelong, offering a permanent solution. 

For instance, you will get the best operative care at NObesity. You get three days of premier-quality post-surgery care. Hence, choose a reliable weight loss clinic in Ahmedabad for a worry-free obesity operation.

3rd Myth: Post-surgery complications are costly in the long run.

Fact: Every surgery has specific risks and complications, and so does bariatric surgery. Patients experience minor blood clots, infection, and bleeding. However, all complications are dealt with professionally and efficiently if you get surgery from a highly qualified, experienced, and reliable bariatric surgeon in Ahmedabad.

4th Myth: Insurance Coverage is rare, leading to out-of-pocket costs.

Fact: Gone are those days when insurance companies weren’t offering coverage for weight loss surgery. However, with the increased awareness and importance of bariatric surgery over the years, insurance companies are recognizing surgery benefits to eliminate obesity-related health concerns. 

You will find weight loss centers in Ahmedabad, such as NObesity, covering health insurance for bariatric surgery. Also, you will be glad to know that foreign or Non-Indian residents having a medical claim from their origin country can avail of medical facilities if their policy permits.

5th Myth: There are hidden costs of follow-up appointments and dietician support, making the surgery post-operative care expensive.

Reality: Every patient should acknowledge the importance of follow-up care after surgery for optimal recovery and sustained success. Nursing care is covered by some insurance companies or included in the surgery cost by some weight loss centers. 

For instance, NObesity offers free lifelong follow-up, dietician support, and three days post-surgery care. We suggest discussing lifelong follow-ups and support costs with your center for quick and successful recovery.

6th Myth: The recovery period post-obesity operation is too much and affects your work productivity. 

Fact: Recovery times have massively reduced with technological advancements in surgical techniques, minimizing time away from work and income lost. 

You are expected to stay in the hospital for three days, which can vary depending on the case complexity, individual circumstances, and surgery type. 

Usually, you can walk after 3-4 hours of surgery and perform light exercises such as walking and climbing stairs.


After reading the article, you will have comprehended why bariatric surgery is a cost-effective option. Also, we hope your myths are clarified, and you will have obtained firm clarity to make informed health decisions. 

Remember, the long-term healthcare savings post-surgery are phenomenal due to the reduction in obesity-associated health conditions. Also, surgery is not a lifetime cure. It will give you significant weight loss at present. 

However, you have to give a commitment to your new healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise for sustained weight loss and live a happier and fitter life. We suggest approaching bariatric surgery as a pivotal step towards a healthy lifestyle instead of as an expenditure. 

Nonetheless, with proper information, support, and care, you can stay assured and worry-free about charting new vitality, wellness, and financial stability horizons. You will gradually experience the surgery cost outweighed by its invaluable rewards.

We hope this article was worth your time, provided valuable insights into bariatric surgery facts, and clarified your myths.