On Your Own Or With A Real Estate Agency, What Is Better To Sell Your Home?

On Your Own Or With A Real Estate Agency, What Is Better To Sell Your Home?

If you are thinking about selling an apartment, this is the first question that will probably cross your mind: what is better: selling on my own or with a real estate agency? Both options have their pros and cons, since, as you know, selling on your own will avoid paying the commission that real estate agencies charge for helping you sell your apartment. However, it is possible that without the help of professionals, it will be more difficult for you to find buyers.

Selling a house is not a simple task, nor a quick one: preparing documentation, organizing visits to the property, signing contracts, and finding potential buyers. To help you make a decision, we review the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Real Estate Agency

Let’s go with the pros and cons of selling a home through a real estate agency. Indeed, it is always much easier to sell a flat if we have help and advice. When hiring the services of a real estate agency, we forget about the stress of organizing the paperwork, carrying out the visits ourselves, and negotiating with buyers. But everything has its price. Is it worth paying the real estate commission for the sale of an apartment?

Advantages Of Selling An Apartment Through Real Estate

In the phase of selling a property, this is one of the most important decisions. How does a real estate agency help us sell an apartment and how does it influence the sales time?

  • We have the service of experts in the local market.
  • They manage the advertising of the property advertisement for us, so they will be able to find the ideal buyer sooner.
  • They are in charge of the entire process: Appraisal of the apartment, drafting contracts, carrying out visits, and filtering candidates.
  • Immediate dedication and availability to find the best buyers, which shortens sales time.

Disadvantages of Selling An Apartment Through A Real Estate Agency

The advantage of selling an apartment through real estate is very interesting, but is it worth it? When selling your property through an agency you must pay a commission of between 3% and 5% of the sale value of the apartment.

That is, if you sell your property for 200,000 euros, you will have to pay a fee of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros to the real estate agency that is in charge of managing the sales process. This is a service that facilitates the sale of your property and, as such, requires a cost.

Sell ​​A Home On Your Own

It is true that when selling a home between individuals you will be able to save the commission that the real estate agency will charge you and you will have full control over the process. But is it worth it? Let’s look at the pros and cons of selling an apartment without the help of a real estate agency.

Advantages Of Selling An Apartment On Your Own

The great advantage of selling an apartment on your own and without the intervention of a real estate agency in the process is that you can count on a greater financial benefit on the sale. But it is not the only advantage:

  • Savings on real estate commission, between 3% and 5% of the sale value.
  • Full control over the process.
  • Negotiations with the buyer first-hand, without intermediaries.
  • Selling at your pace.

Disadvantages Of Selling An Apartment On Your Own

Like everything, selling an apartment without help also has drawbacks. Let’s see what the risks are of selling an apartment between individuals:

  • Error in setting the sale price due to lack of professional advice.
  • Failures at a legal or fiscal level, due to lack of information or knowledge about the sector.
  • The sales process can be prolonged in time if you cannot dedicate yourself 100% to the sale of the apartment (you schedule a visit, answer calls, and carry out procedures…).

What Is Better: Selling With Or Without Real Estate?

It must be taken into account that each case is different: it is possible that, due to your type of property, its location, and the level of demand for housing for sale in the area, you can sell your apartment quickly and at a good price without having to contract the services of a real estate agency. However, keep in mind that you will have to take care of the entire process on your own: contracts, visits, negotiation…

 The best option will depend on your needs and preferences regarding the process. If you have availability and feel capable of selling the apartment on your own, you can save the real estate commission. However, if you prefer that an expert take care of the entire process, it will be more convenient for you to hire the services of a real estate agency Coastal Florida Home Buyers, since you will ensure that all the procedures are carried out without errors. In addition, the experience of the agents can accelerate the sale of the apartment.

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