GYROOR Steals the Spotlight at the 2024 International Electronics Expo: Setting the Pace in Electric Skateboard Innovation

Hong Kong, April 15, 2024 — GYROOR, presented by Shenzhen Chitado Technology Co., Ltd., emerged as a trendsetter at the Hong Kong International Electronics Fair, unveiling groundbreaking electric scooters and the innovative E-Suitcase “GNU”. With a dazzling booth design and a comprehensive product lineup, GYROOR captivated attendees and exceeded sales expectations, underscoring its dominance in the industry.

GYROOR’s Product Highlights:

GYROOR|Kids: This range, a benchmark for quality and innovation, has gained international prominence, especially after winning a patent battle against Hangzhou Riders. Its popularity spans the USA, UK, and Germany.

GNU E-Suitcase: A 2024 release, the GNU merges a children’s suitcase with a skateboard, marrying travel and entertainment. Its innovative concept has earned accolades at global shows like CES and IFA.

KS2 Power-assisted Children’s Skateboard: From the GYROOR Kids line, the KS2 enhances safety and ease of use, setting new standards for children’s skateboards.

KIT1 Mini Harley Motorcycle: Inspired by classic Harley motorcycles, the KIT1 offers children a thrilling yet safe riding experience.

GYROOR|URBAN: This series, focusing on large electric skateboards like the seat-equipped C series, has revolutionized the market and reaffirmed GYROOR’s position as a leader in the electric bicycle sector.

C1S Model: The C1S, a star of the URBAN series, impresses with its innovative storage solutions and comfortable ride, catering to the multifunctional needs of urban commuters.

C-BEST Model: This high-performance skateboard, certified by the European Economic Area (EEC), showcases GYROOR’s international competitiveness.

INNOVATION Series: A testament to GYROOR’s commitment to cutting-edge technology for daily commuting and leisure.

Lightweight and Foldable Design: Designed for convenience, products like the backpack skateboard are favored by urban professionals.

Enterprise Technology & Motor Control: GYROOR’s motor control technology empowers businesses, enhancing operational efficiency in power-demanding scenarios.

P7 Electric Camping Vehicle: A pioneering electric camping vehicle equipped with smart tech, the P7 redefines leisure camping.

Electric Golf Cart: This eco-friendly cart promises a smoother, more enjoyable golfing experience.

GYROOR’s Global Impact:

GYROOR’s stellar performance at the expo didn’t go unnoticed. Major media outlets lined up to interview the brand, reinforcing its industry leadership and global brand strength. This widespread coverage not only amplifies GYROOR’s market influence but also underscores the international acclaim for its products and technological prowess.

Future Prospects:

GYROOR is unwavering in its commitment to new energy two-wheel vehicles, blending intelligence, technology, and eco-friendly travel. With aspirations to lead the global electric skateboard market, GYROOR pledges to continually innovate, expanding urban mobility options and championing environmentally conscious and smarter travel solutions.

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