Ghost Machine Exceeds Expectations and Sells Out Faster Than Predicted

The widely anticipated Ghost Machine Day was a huge hit with comic book collectors and enthusiasts, and brought in even more interest than was expected. While that’s great news for the creators of the Ghost Machine series, it did lead to a small dilemma. The comics sold out fast, and now all three books in the series have been rushed back into printing. If you’re planning to get your hands on these comics you may have to wait just a bit, until they’re available in print again.

The Creators Are Thrilled With the Response

Collaborators like Geoff Johns and others are extremely happy with the response they’re getting from Ghost Machine Day and the interest fans have in the ongoing development of the series. The sell-out of all three of the first books shows that fans are already committed to the universe and the characters in it, which is at the heart of any project of this type. With strong collaboration continuing into the future, Ghost Machine will help give fans more of what they want, too.

The Sell-Out Was Unexpected

Geiger #1, Redcoat #1, and Rook #1 all three sold out almost instantly, and that wasn’t what the collaborators were expecting. While a strong response was definitely hoped for, this went above and beyond what they thought they were going to see when the sale opened. Part of the reason they’re being rushed back into print now is because book #2 is about to come out in all three series. Having book #1 available first is important, and now it’s a tighter timeline.

These Comics Are Increasing in Popularity

With the clear interest in the Ghost Machine universe, it’s easy to see that these comics are becoming more popular than was expected when they were first developed. They were announced at Comic-Con in 2023, and since that time they’ve developed a significant fan base that understands the value of the collaboration between some of their favorite character creators.

Having big names behind the development isn’t hurting anything, of course, but the quality and value of the series also stands on its own. With more fans getting interested in it all the time, it’s likely that Ghost Machine will continue to thrive. Right now there aren’t any plans to end the series, so it’s unknown how many books will come out. Part of that will be up to the fans and how receptive they are to future books. If this is any indication, they’re going to want new books for a long time.

They’ll Be Available Again Soon

Since they’ve gone back to print, the books should be available again during the first part of May 2024. Right now they all have early May release dates, that are just a few days before the second set of books come out. Then, fans might have to wait a while for the third books to come out, as those don’t currently have a listed release date.