DiSTI’s VE Studio®: The All-in-One Solution For Building Powerful Virtual Training

Step into a realm of limitless possibilities with The DiSTI Corporation, where innovation knows no bounds. As the vanguard of HMI and 3D virtual training solutions, DiSTI redefines the essence of interaction and education in the digital sphere.

Imagine a world where learners can be fully immersed in realistic scenarios, practicing skills and gaining knowledge captivatingly.  DiSTI played a pivotal role in making this vision a reality.  They pioneered the development of cutting-edge virtual training solutions, harnessing the power of technology to create truly transformative learning experiences.

VE Studio® stands as a testament to DiSTI’s dedication to innovation.  It’s not just a platform; it’s a comprehensive suite of development tools designed to empower you.  VE Studio® goes beyond the competition, offering a commercially available solution (COTS) packed with the most powerful tools and processes you need to build any virtual training project imaginable.

Revolutionizing Virtual Training: Witness The Evolution With DiSTI 

Virtual training has its roots in the early days of eLearning, with basic computer-delivered modules offering a rudimentary alternative to classroom settings. These early programs, while convenient, often lacked the interactivity and engagement needed for true knowledge retention.

The Rise Of Flexibility And Engagement

Fast forward, and virtual training has blossomed into a diverse landscape. Web-based courses with multimedia elements, like video demonstrations and interactive quizzes, became the norm. Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow for easy administration and tracking of learner progress.

DiSTI: Shaping The Future Of Virtual Training

This is where DiSTI steps in as a pioneer. They recognized the potential for virtual training to be more than convenient—it could be transformative.

Immersive Technologies

Integrating cutting-edge technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create hyper-realistic training experiences. Imagine practicing delicate surgical procedures in a VR simulation or visualizing complex machinery with AR overlays.

Microlearning And Gamification

DiSTI understands that bite-sized, engaging content is key. We create microlearning modules and gamified experiences that keep learners motivated and focused.

Data-Driven Insights

Our virtual training solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We leverage data analytics to personalize learning paths and track progress, ensuring maximum impact.

The Role Of Development Tools In Training System Creation

The cornerstone of effective training system creation is the caliber of development tools employed. These tools serve as the architect’s blueprints and the engineer’s precision instruments, enabling the meticulous design, construction, and customization of impactful training programs.

DiSTI, a recognized leader in the learning technology vanguard, recognized this transformative potential. They spearheaded the development of VE Studio®, a comprehensive development suite that elevates the standard of virtual training creation. VE Studio® equips you with the tools to forge the future of training, regardless of your industry. 

With expertise spanning the Aviation, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, Technology, and Power & Energy sectors, DiSTI has redefined the way training is conducted. By leveraging VE Studio® with advanced development tools, DiSTI enables organizations to craft engaging and effective virtual training programs that enhance learning outcomes and improve operational efficiency.

VE Studio® Includes Powerful Virtual Training System Development Tools 

VE Studio seamlessly integrates development workflow best practices with state-of-the-art tools, simplifying the creation of intricate virtual training applications. With our innovative solution, you can experience accelerated development, cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled ease.

Rapidly Import Content 

Unlock Efficiency With Requirements Analyzer

Effortlessly design your training by seamlessly importing written procedures into the Fidelity Matrix, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual recreation.

Harness Machine Learning

Machine learning builds a dynamic database of word-object pairs, streamlining the markup process for new procedures.

Simplified Lesson Building

With source data modifications seamlessly propagated throughout the system, ensure that every entity reacts promptly to updated information, simplifying the lesson-building process and saving time.

Experience Time Savings and Enhanced Productivity

DiSTI’s innovative solution streamlines your content import process and maximizes productivity, saving valuable time while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Manage Content

Harness The Power Of Fidelity Matrix & Editor

Utilize our advanced relational database to seamlessly connect models to behaviors, procedures to lessons, and any other shared data within the system, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected learning experience.

Enhanced Content Management

Easily add constraints and behaviors using our intuitive database editor, streamlining the content management and editing process. With a full API, third-party applications can seamlessly integrate with the database, facilitating traceable history maintenance from content presentation to its original source data.

Empower Your Development With Build & Prototype Wizards

Our intuitive build and prototype wizards simplify project creation and content addition. They allow you to kickstart your development process and have a functional prototype ready in just thirty minutes.

Comprehensive Content Control

Define physical interactions between 3D objects, establish dependencies, and group interactions effortlessly without the need for coding, providing complete control over your content creation process.

Building The Virtual Model

Streamline Model Import With Model Import Wizards

Utilize our intuitive built-in model import wizards or directly import. FBX models into Unity, making the process seamless and efficient.

Efficient Content Processing

Embrace the magic of automated content processing. Once your models are imported, Rapid Import seamlessly connects them to their corresponding database behaviors. This intelligent system acts as a vigilant guardian, automatically detecting any changes –  be it in the source art files or the database itself. These updates are then intelligently propagated throughout the system, ensuring your virtual world remains meticulously synchronized. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to a world of effortless consistency. 

Rapidly Import 3D Models

Automatically link 3D models with their associated behavior in the database, ensuring that any modifications to the source art files or database are instantly detected and updated throughout the system, maintaining graphical accuracy and consistency.

Precise Object Alignment In Database

Our tools empower you to align objects with meticulous detail, ensuring that every element is positioned accurately according to your specifications. With our database management capabilities, you can easily define and maintain precise object alignments, ensuring seamless integration and interaction within your virtual training applications.

Author & Manage Lessons

Instructor-Operator Stations

Empower instructors with a robust Instructor-Operator Station (IOS) application, offering complete control over lesson creation, assignment, real-time monitoring, and student interaction. With the IOS, instructors can effortlessly manage class data, monitor student progress, mirror screens, and even take remote control when necessary. 

Student Stations

Students can engage with lessons through the Student Station, where they have the flexibility to watch autoplay demonstrations, practice independently, or complete assignments assigned by instructors. Immediate feedback allows students to track their progress and address mistakes in real-time, promoting active learning and skill development.

Lesson Authoring

Streamline lesson creation with intuitive drag-and-drop editing tools, allowing subject matter experts (SMEs) and instructors to develop lesson scenarios effortlessly. Lessons can be customized or auto-generated from procedures marked up in the Requirements Analyzer, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet specific training objectives.

Live Lesson Recording

Capture dynamic lesson content with live lesson recording capabilities, enabling SMEs and instructors to perform and record actions directly within the virtual environment. Create autoplay, tutorial, practice, and assignment lessons simultaneously, fostering interactive and engaging student learning experiences.

Benefits of Using VE Studio® For Virtual Training Projects

Construct Simulations

  • Simulation Engine Built-In: Benefit from a robust built-in simulation engine for seamless creation and execution of training simulations.
  • Troubleshoot Faults: Enhance troubleshooting skills by immersing trainees in realistic fault scenarios, fostering practical learning experiences.
  • Build Interactive Schematics: Engage learners effectively with interactive schematics that provide hands-on learning opportunities and deepen understanding.
  • Increase Engagement: Drive higher levels of engagement among trainees through dynamic and interactive simulation exercises, leading to improved retention and skill development.

Reinforce Skills

  • After-Action Review: Reinforce learning and skill development through detailed after-action reviews, allowing trainees to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Intelligent Tutor Plug-in: Provide personalized guidance and support to learners with intelligent tutor plug-ins, optimizing the learning experience for individual needs.
  • SCORM And xAPI Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry standards, allowing for seamless integration with existing learning management systems and learner progress tracking.

Publish The App & Deploy

  • One-Button Deployment: One-click deployment functionality simplifies the deployment process, saving time and streamlining the rollout of training applications.
  • Manage Variants: Easily manage different versions or variants of training applications to accommodate varying training needs and requirements.
  • Localization: Customize training applications to suit specific regions or languages, ensuring accessibility and relevance across diverse audiences.
  • Message Manager: Facilitate effective communication and information sharing within the training environment, promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Train Anywhere: Enable flexible and convenient training sessions that can be conducted anytime and anywhere, providing learners greater accessibility and convenience.


Discover how DiSTI’s groundbreaking 3D virtual training solutions revolutionize learning in various industries. Harness the power of Virtual Reality to enhance skill acquisition and streamline maintenance processes with unmatched precision.

Embark on a journey of innovation with Rosa Troutman, leading the way at DiSTI. Reach out to [email protected] to unlock exclusive insights into Virtual Maintenance Training. With Troutman at the helm, DiSTI is driving the future of defense technology, ensuring mission success for armed forces worldwide. Join us in shaping the future of training excellence.