Choosing the Right Architect for Your Home

Choosing the Right Architect for Your Home

Lahore’s construction boom moment is here, and many people are worried about finding the best architect in Lahore. As complex as it is, finding an architect is more of an art and using your experience than just seeing the work Multifaceted Name. You will discover many architects in Lahore who are either too expensive or too naive to handle your precious project. So what to do?

I have been an architect for over 11 years, specializing in residential projects. I have seen the ins and outs of the housing market in Lahore and have a deep understanding of the local architectural landscape. I have done projects internationally and have much of my work here in Pakistan. Let me tell you, unlike the world, the Lahore architect market is very different. Here are my insights on choosing the best architect for your home project in Lahore.

Location Matter

You should remember that an architect with an architectural firm located in a shady area is not worth the shot. The location of an architect’s office can often reflect their clientele and the type of projects they handle. For example, an architect based in a prestigious area like Lake City, one of the most expensive societies in Lahore, maybe more experienced in high-end residential projects. This may come as a surprise; an architect is the one who will change how you live, so if they are not inspiring in their design, they are not worth the shot. Visit them in their offices and observe closely.

Ask questions

Choosing the right architect means you are going to buy someone’s personality. If your architect is confident, your house will also be an exciting space, but if your architect is not open to asking questions, you should consider some other options. Asking questions about new trends, materials and cost tells you a lot about your architect and their approach to design. Some specific questions to ask include: What is your design process? How do you handle changes during the project? Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the cost estimate?


There is a big difference between an architect and a draughtsman. Anyone with no degree and little design acumen can be a draughtsman, but being an architect means that inspiration and creativity are unmatched. Your architect must inspire you with their design and should not just say yes to all your ideas. Have a good discussion with your architect and observe how they react to different design elements.

Meet More Than One Architect

It’s crucial that you meet multiple architects for a design. This not only helps you gauge their acumen and find new ideas but also empowers you to make an informed decision. Research your architect and their social platforms, and ask them about their design inspirations. This active involvement will help you select the best option.

Expensive doesn’t mean Good

Don’t fall for the myth that an expensive architect is always good. In fact, many excellent architects offer their services at affordable rates. By choosing an architect like, you can manage your architect and design cost as you go, giving you the peace of mind that your budget is under control.

Always ask for the Design Cost.

It may be redundant, but remember the cost of your design and anything that comes with it. Some architects also offer approvals in consultation fees, which is an added advantage as you won’t have to deal with LDA and other bureaucratic red-taps for your house plan approval. Get your architect on board with all the costs you will incur over time. This way, you won’t be surprised at your project’s end with an additional check.


Finding a reliable architect is always a hustle, and one should vet every architect keenly. As you put your trust and money into them for your house, keeping everything checked is always better. H-A Design Studio is one firm with over 11 years of experience that always puts the client’s benefit before it. We have our three locations in Lake City Lahore, DHA Phase 8 Lahore and Garden Town, all of which are open for the clients to visit and ask as many questions as they want before we get on board. So get in touch and let us handle all your design and architect headaches and concerns