8 tips for properly maintaining your pool

Checking PH and chlorine levels, and cleaning the liner or filter. Here are tips to ensure your pool remains pleasant for swimming throughout the summer. The sunny days are here and with them, the irrepressible desire to take a dip in the pool. However, it is necessary to ensure its maintenance very regularly. How about the ecological footprint? As environmental concerns grow, many pool owners are         seeking ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Our eco-friendly pool maintenance tips for Sacramento residents highlight sustainable practices that can make a big difference. Indeed, a well-maintained swimming pool will allow you to enjoy it throughout the season, without risk (skin irritation, poor water quality, or even obsolete equipment).

If you are one of the people who own a personal swimming pool, follow the guide!

1 – Test water parameters before the season

If we test the water balance at the start of the season, this is the assurance of water quality that moves much less. It is necessary to do some tests to avoid problems in the middle of summer. It’s not necessarily worth bringing the professional to your home. Simply fill a bottle with water from your pool and bring it to him for analysis in his laboratory. Then he will issue you a “prescription” to know how to treat your pool if necessary.

2 – Check the pH level every week

It is very important that your pH level is between 7 and 7.4. If it is higher or lower, the disinfectant (chlorine type) will not act correctly. You must therefore immerse small pH test strips or small cube tablets in the pool water which will tell you the pH level. If it is too low, add pH +, or pH – if it is too high.

3 – Check the chlorine level

Most swimming pools are treated with chlorine. This acts as a disinfectant and aims to prevent the development of bacteria in the water. You should place chlorine pebbles in the pool skimmer (filtration system, editor’s note), or in a diffuser which will float in the water. But never directly in the pool.

4 – Clean the filters thoroughly

80% of your pool water treatment comes from filtration. It is therefore essential that your filters are clean to do their job properly. They must therefore be maintained regularly. For granular filters (sand, glass, zeolite), the filters must be backwashed. This consists of a reversal of the water current in the pool which causes the sand to unclog. The waste which was retained in the tank is then evacuated outside. Dirty water is sent to the sewer.

5 – Maintain the liner

The liner of your swimming pool (the covering that waterproofs your swimming pool) also needs regular maintenance. Especially if it’s white. In fact, pollen or sunscreen residue in the water will quickly stain it. We should therefore brush it regularly with a soft brush so as not to puncture it.

6 – Remove all dirt from the water

When you go swimming, you want to splash around in a pool of clear water, without small residues floating around you. To remove them, several solutions are available to you:

– for the most courageous: go hunting for dirt every day with your pool landing net.

– for those who like to delegate: be careful, there is no question of delegating this thankless task to a member of your family or one of your friends. But to a pool robot that will suck up all these impurities.

7 – Clean the protective cover

Whether you have a cover specially made to keep your pool warm at night or a simple protective cover, it happens that it is covered with leaves of all kinds after strong gusts of wind. To prevent them all from falling into the water when you remove the tarpaulin, you need to blow over it with a blower, to send all the undesirables to the side.

8 – Store your cleaning products properly

Like household products, it is essential not to leave swimming pool maintenance products within the reach of children. If you have a garden shed where you store your products, make sure to padlock the entrance. If these products are placed in your garage or inside your house, again, place them in places inaccessible to curious little ones.

Finally, pool maintenance products should not be stored in a humid place or exposed to the sun. There you go, now all you have to do is put on your swimsuit and jump into your pool, you deserve it!