7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional Painting Service 

There are not many things that can match the transformational power of a painting job, like a professional paint removal service when it comes to updating and giving your house a new look. If you’re ready to revitalise your house with an exquisite interior painting project, planning beforehand can ultimately save time and work. Continue reading to find out some incredibly easy ways to get your house ready for a high-quality residential painting job. 

1. Take Down Wall Decor

Before painting or professional paint removal service begins, remove all wall décor items such as clocks, pictures, artwork, and other items and store them in a secure location away from the job. This will ensure that the walls are clear and prepared for a uniform paint job, in addition to protecting your belongings. The painting crew will repair any chips, holes, or cracks in the previous paint layer, but remove your décor as carefully as possible to avoid damaging the drywall.

Remember to record the hardware (screws, nails, etc.) that corresponds with each item as you remove it. A nice approach to keep everything together is to put everything in a clear Ziplock bag and tape it to the back of the item.

2. Move Away Furniture

It’s imperative that all furniture be moved away from the wall or out of the room entirely, if at all feasible before painting begins. This will shield the furniture from possible dings, paint drips, and other harm. Additionally, since this step eliminates any potential tripping hazards from the area, it creates space for painters in Point Cook to work securely and effectively.

3. Empty Cabinets

It’s simple to concentrate only on surfaces that are visible, such as walls and ceilings, when getting your house ready for a professional residential painting job. But don’t forget about the sometimes disregarded areas behind closed doors—your cabinets and closets.

The professional paint removal service or painting team will find the task much easier if you remove stuff from cupboards and closets. You also protect your possessions from any fumes and mishaps. After the paint has fully set and dried, you’ll be met with neatly painted walls as well as updated, well-organised storage areas.

4. Remove Rugs and Window Curtains

For the length of the professional paint removal service, all window coverings and carpets in the room should be stored somewhere else. Big area rugs will obstruct the protective paper that painters apply before a project, and window treatments such as blinds or curtains may obstruct the painter’s progress. Taking these things down will also protect them against difficult-to-clean paint spills.  

5. Remove Tripping Hazard

It is crucial to provide a safe and clear space before hiring a professional residential painter in Point Cook to paint your house. In addition to keeping you and the painting crew safe, eliminating tripping hazards also makes the work easier to complete. It lowers the possibility of mishaps or injuries.

The following are a few potential trip risks that need to be eliminated prior to interior painting:

  • Power cords and electrical cords
  • Extension wires
  • Children’s playthings and toys
  • Food bowls, beds, and pet toys
  • Animals
  • Slippers and shoes
  • Bathmats and little rugs, etc.

In addition to making your painting space safer, taking the time to eliminate tripping hazards will help your painting process go more smoothly and successfully.

6. Vaccum Clean Every Room

Once the clutter has been managed, you should thoroughly clean every room to get rid of as much dust, grime, and debris as you can before painting. Although dusting and vacuuming each room is a simple and quick process, it has a significant impact on the longevity and quality of your paint job.

In order to ensure that the paint sticks to the walls effectively and doesn’t trap any particles underneath that could damage the surface, a clean and dust-free atmosphere is necessary. Furthermore, dust can settle on recently painted surfaces and leave ugly defects if it is disturbed during the painting process.

Starting from the top and working your way down to the windows, walls, and other surfaces is the ideal approach. Examine corners and ceiling edges for spiderwebs and clean windows, walls, ceiling fixtures, and other surfaces. Next, dust tends to collect along baseboards and on floors, so vacuum or sweep these areas. Cleaning ensures that the professional paint removal service and painting job gets done perfectly.

7. Try to Stay Out of The Painting Space

Even though you might be tempted to go back into your freshly painted room right once, it’s crucial to schedule a minimum of three days away from the painted area. This is an important painting procedure that guarantees the best results from your new interior paint by allowing the paint to cure properly.

It takes time for the paint to completely dry and cure. Reentering the freshly painted area too quickly can lead to smudges, scratches, and finish damage. In addition to having a disagreeable smell, fresh paint can be dangerous to breathe in, especially for young children, pets, and sensitive individuals.   


You can successfully paint your room if you give it a thorough cleaning and organise your items. You can save time, avoid needless difficulties, and make things safer and easier for the painters by following the above-mentioned measures.

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