3 Tips For Setting Up Your Kitchen Like An Interior Designer

If you’ve ever seen a home that’s been set up by an interior designer, then you know just how beautiful home spaces can be. Unfortunately for most people, when they are left to their own devices with the design and decor of their space, they often go more for function over form. But luckily, with a bit of a design sense in mind, you can create rooms in your home that look great and work well for your family. 

To help you start with your kitchen, here are three tips for setting up your kitchen like an interior designer. 

Try To Keep Your Steps Limited

If you’re able to design your kitchen from scratch, one thing that you should always keep in mind is how many steps you’re going to have to take as you’re working in the space. Ideally, you should try to keep your steps in the kitchen to a minimum so that you can work as efficiently as possible in this space. 

Most kitchens are designed so that the sink, fridge, and oven are situated in a triangle so that it’s easy to grab food, wash and prepare it, cook it, and then take care of your dirty dishes without having to walk all around the kitchen. You can further set up your kitchen like an interior designer by keeping appliances or dishes near other items that you use with them so that your steps are limited in the space. 

Choose An Organization Style That Works For You

Every interior designer is going to set up any kitchen so that it’s able to stay organized and clean at all times. So for you to have this in your kitchen as well, you’ll need to choose an organization style that will work for your family and for your space. 

For some people, keeping kitchen items to a minimum is the way to go so that clutter can’t accumulate. For the items that you do keep in your kitchen, try to make use of drawer inserts and other organization accessories so that everything in your kitchen has a place and can stay neat and tidy. 

Think About Useable Light

Having usable light in the kitchen is important because you’re going to be doing a lot of detailed work in this space. When you’re cooking, having light behind you can make it hard for you to see what you’re doing. Additionally, ineffective lighting can also make it hard to see what’s in your cupboards and cabinets. 

To combat this, make sure you have your lights positioned in such a way that they are between you and what you’re working on and can light up the spaces that natural light may not reach well. 

If you want to have a beautifully set up and designed kitchen, consider using the tips mentioned above as you redesign your space.