How Can Online BLS Certification Advance Your Lifesaving Skills?

BLS or basic life support is the ability to intervene during an emergency to revive a patient using specific techniques. By undergoing BLS training and receiving your BLS certification, you will be prepared to handle many life-threatening events. BLS certification enables people to respond quickly in crucial situations.

You can sign up for an online BLS certification course to advance your lifesaving skills. This will enable you to better intervene to handle emergencies. Let’s understand all about an online BLS certification and how it can help you hone your life saving skills further. 

What Is BLS Certification?

A BLS certification and training involves learning all about the theoretical and practical aspects of providing life support during life-threatening situations. The course covers modules related to AED, CPR, and choking. You can become proficient in these lifesaving techniques by obtaining an online BLS certification.

The critical components of a BLS certification course are:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

When a person’s heart stops beating, CPR is administered through rescue breaths and chest compressions to keep blood flowing to the brain and avoid brain damage.

  • Use of AEDs

AEDs are portable devices that assess a person’s cardiac rhythm. The BLS course will teach you how to use an AED safely.

  • Relief of airway obstruction/choking 

BLS certification helps you learn critical skills like the Heimlich maneuver to deal with obstructed airways and choking situations. 

Benefits of BLS certification

BLS training gives you the knowledge and abilities to act promptly during emergencies. The training prepares you to step in and save someone’s life in a critical situation. Here are some more benefits of getting your BLS certification: 

  • Improved patient outcomes

Properly performing CPR techniques can greatly improve the chances of survival of a person during emergencies. BLS certification helps you learn chest compressions and ventilations until medical aid arrives.

  • Enhanced employability

BLS certification is essential for many occupations, including healthcare providers and lifeguards.

Why choose online BLS certification?

An online BLS certification course is a convenient way to get your BLS training. With online training, you can learn these skills in half the time, at your own pace, and according to your convenience. 

Here are some benefits of choosing an online BLS certification course: 

  • Flexibility and convenience

Online BLS courses are flexible. You can take up the coursework as per your schedule, without interrupting your commitments. 

  • Self-directed learning

Most online BLS programs use interactive modules, video examples, and tests. You can adopt the self-directed learning strategy to learn BLS. 

  • Collaboration

BLS training teaches you how to collaborate and coordinate with other people around you, to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. You will learn how to work with other first responders, delegate tasks during emergencies, and share important information with the patient and medical professionals.

  • Structured approach

The online BLS course follows a structured approach, ensuring the safety of a patient during critical times.

  • Ongoing certification and renewal

BLS licenses are valid for two years. You need to continue training and get recertified from time to time to remain aware of the latest protocols and standards.

Online BLS certification program

An online BLS certification program offers a simple and practical approach to saving lives. 

Consider the following critical factors while selecting an online BLS certification:

  • Reputation

Look for BLs certification courses that are nationally accepted or globally recognized by organizations. This helps confirm that the course content is consistent and updated regularly.

  • Ongoing support

An online BLS certification program should continue with the completion of the coursework. You can look for programs that offer continuous learning support. Furthermore, some programs provide access to online forums or Q&A sessions with teachers.

Beyond the basics: Expanding lifesaving skills

When undertaking your BLS certification course, you can also decide which level of skills you want to acquire. You can choose from the following: 

  • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)

This helps you learn how to handle complex cardiac crises. ACLS training is intended for healthcare professionals. The course provides in-depth knowledge for managing specific cardiac arrest scenarios.

  • Pediatric advanced life support (PALS)

PALS focuses on reviving newborns and children facing life-threatening situations. This curriculum teaches you to handle pediatric cardiac arrest and shock in infants and children.

Gain valuable skills with hands-on BLS training

While online BLS modules are a great way to learn theory, you need to know how to use CPR and AED methods in real life. Look for an online BLS certification program that provides you with manikins to practice your skills. This will help you build muscle memory and confidently administer the skills during real-life emergencies. 


Investing in online BLS certification imparts you with lifesaving skills. You will get the confidence to act decisively in a medical emergency. Online BLS certification enables you to become a lifesaving bystander.